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Everybody eats. Within American contemporary culture that means a considerable amount of hunting and gathering takes place inside modern supermarkets, those enormous coliseums showcasing food as entertainment. This is the locus of my artwork.

These markets come standard with bright colors, a myriad of products in eye-popping packaging, screaming sale signs and fancy shopping vehicles (carts). If we truly 'are what we eat', it follows that shining a spotlight on the products of our communal desire must help to define who we are as modern human beings. I believe it also follows that such vast quantities of discarded packaging and materials may end up becoming a mirror of our era for future generations.

Recycled food packaging, magazines, shopping carts, as well as other found objects are embellished with visually seductive craft store or 'low art' goods such as glass beads, sequins and rhinestones. These common supplies, traditionally used most often by women, were selected as a means of celebrating the myriad of mundane daily rituals, repetitiously performed in caring for one another.

Shopping carts are transformed into electrified shrines, becoming personal metaphors for various stages of life. Reliquary paintings incorporate niches that cradle a 'relic' from our contemporary life; one beaded, recycled, iconic food package. Magazines take their cue from Haitian Vodou banners, highlighting the central image and memorializing the information within.

Akin to a modern day version of stained glass, this work, whether painting, sculpture or textile owes its spark and light to the deliberate and liberal application of embellishment.


Linda Dolack has a BFA (Magna Cum Laude) from Barat College, Lake Forest, IL in painting and photography, and an MFA from The School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL, where she was awarded the John Quincy Adams Fellowship.

Linda currently lives and works in Lake Forest, Illinois where she has a full time studio practice. She is represented by Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA.

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